Just a few days ago we featured Louis Vuitton’s Caissa Clutch With Chain. You might have fallen in love with it, especially with its ensemble that screams sophistication and perfection at it’s finest. This time around, let’s take a closer look.

There are hundreds of words to describe a woman’s body, an example would go like this: curves hugging her in all the right places now allow us to describe the body of Louis Vuitton’s Caissa: it has fine and exquisite curves that one must handle it with delicate love and care.

A perfect everyday go-to clutch, the Caissa features the well-known Damier coated canvas. It also has golden coloured metallic pieces. The flap and clasp closure also adds a touch of modern femininity to it. Its golden chain strap can also be worn over the shoulder or cross-body, talk about multi-functionality in one clutch. Oh, before we forget it also comes in two color selection: Cherry and Rose Ballerine.

It measures 11′ x 7.1′ x 3.5′ (L x H x W) inches and is priced $1970 USD, 1450 euro



Hey ladies! If someone asks you what’s in your bag, I think it’s time to post an Instagram-worthy photo of what’s really inside your bag! And yes, we’re 100% sure that this Celine Solo Small Zipped Multifunction Wallet better be in that #whatsinmybag photo for it’s definitely worth a shot.

Before these wallets would sell out like hot pancakes it’s time to go to the nearest Celine boutique or order one from its online store thus making things easier for you. These solo small zipped multifunction wallets come in two playful colors that you can choose from: Pale Grey and Merlot while the other one is in Pale Pink and Espresso.

These wallets are made of genuine lambskin and calfskin and measures 5′ x 4′ inches and are priced 360 euro each, via Celine boutique.



Hello Chanel Easy Carry Flap Bag. For those that are wondering whether they are still available or not, uhm…yes they are. However, they go out-of-stock very quickly.

We are sharing the story of Nana. At May 2015, she already knew what she wanted, this Chanel bag. In August she arrived in Paris, credit card-ready to make her dream come true.

Other bags in her wish list included: the Chanel O Case and the Chanel Flap Wallet. Listen to her story:

‘I’ve got this jumbo size when I was in Paris last August! Exactly the color I’d wished for! I was lucky to find it there because they’d ran out of stock.’

‘When I was there they had beige and red so I got myself red one instead because it’s my ideal color. But when I went to Venice they had none of this type anymore’.

The Chanel Easy Carry Flap Bags are highly wanted, if you spot one in your favorite color, put a cage around it and do not let it go. The price is 2450 euro for the jumbo, you can get more details over here…

Thanks Nana for sharing your story and congrats with your lovely bag!


Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

If there is one thing that can be said about Chanel, it is the innate ability to make you want to drop what you’re doing and hope on a plane to anywhere. For the past few seasons in particular, Chanel has been all about the journey – the travel – and less about the actual destination, which has produced a fine run of showings. The work from the past year all seems to be culminated in the Chanel spring/summer 2016 campaign.

Creative Director of the brand Karl Lagerfeld put together the showing, and decided to show just what he wanted, and nothing more. Chanel’s clothes have lately been a bit over-the-top for ready-to-wear, so seeing the garments with the contrasted background of an everyday street really helped to put things into a daily perspective. This decision really worked in Lagerfeld’s favor, on top of the fact that he had two stunning models to work with for the shoot.

Argentinian model Mica Arganaraz and Dominican model Lineisy Montero perfectly embodied the timeless essence of Lagerfeld’s shoot, with their unique facial structure. The women dominated each frame, yet still managed to give the clothes and accessories the perfect amount of limelight. When a model buys into their character, it makes the customer want to buy into the campaign; and I’ll vouch by saying these shots made me want to own each look – even the garments I would likely otherwise not look twice at.

The setting, paired with the models, paired with the clothes created the atmosphere for a beautiful photoshoot. And from a surface perspective, Lagerfeld seems to have accomplished everything he would have wanted to, going into the campaign.

But of course, nothing could have been accomplished without those working behind the scenes. Carine Roitfeld was tasked with styling the photoshoot, while Tom Pecheux did makeup and Sam McKnight styled the hair. Between these three people, it wouldn’t have mattered what the models were wearing, because they would have everything they needed to storm the photoshoot.

As such, however, the clothes and accessories are the head to the Chanel SS 2016 campaign. For the past couple of years, Chanel hasn’t produced the most exciting of clothes. This brand has always fluctuated, between showing classic silhouettes and something a bit more flamboyant, but this level of styling shows a tremendous improvement. While the clothes alone fall to one side of the spectrum, this styling from head to toe makes for a totally wearable, chic look for the woman on the go.

And, as for any woman on the go, accessories can make or break an outfit. So naturally, the luggage played a major role in the frames. Chanel is one of the best brands to look to for travel accessories and luggage, so showcasing a set was the perfect move, especially with the amount of flying for business and pleasure that occurs during the spring and summer seasons.

For any purpose Lagerfeld sought to achieve, he achieved it and then some. The Chanel spring 2016 campaign shows a lot of promise for future Chanel work, and we can only hope to see this balance between restraint and fun for future seasons and shows.

Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Louis Vuitton – 2014 Spring/Summer Fashion Menswear Collection

LV 2014 menswear collection

There are thousands of different luxury brand in the world, but the most well-know luxury brand must be LV. However, people may have heard LV, there are few people LV is short for Louis Vuitton and it is originated from French. In 1854, Mr. Louis Vuitton designed the first Louis Vuitton flattop suitcase and opened the first LV store in Paris. After a century, LV have been became the symbol of good fashion taste and social status. Also the Louis Vuitton from a single product line to diversification. Now, Louis Vuitton include handbags, scarves, shoes for men and women, menswear, womenswear, accessories and so on! All of those products leading the latest fashion trends and become a fashion icon. Now, here we will share you 2014 Spring/Summer Fashion Menswear Collection.


Marc Jacobs is a famous design that have his own unique style, the inherently fashion-forward and shrewd, creating collection after collection of smartly designed pieces that infallibly impress. Along with Kim Jones, the lead menswear design, the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Collection appearing a look a leisure clothes that later evolve into a handsome set of tuxedos, each one more dashing than the last. The old school trend of plaid, seersucker suits is reprises with a breath of vitality: form-fitting pants are nipped at the ankles, varying print patterns are mixed alongside each other, and colors are vibrantly youthful. Let us seen Louis Vuitton go from playful boy to sophisticated men. Check out those images below and let us know whether you like them or not?

2014 Spring/Summer Fashion Menswear Collection

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Collection

Louis Vuitton – 2014 Spring/Summer Fashion Menswear Collection

Surprising Exactly No One, Celebs Wore a Ton of Designer Shoes While Out and About at Cannes


Here are things I have learned about this year's Cannes Film Festival solely by reading internet headlines: People can't avoid questions about Woody Allen. Kristen Stewart's movie got booed, but also got a standing ovation. Blake Lively made a booty-centric comment that has people mildly enraged. That's about it. But while I may know precious little about the films at Cannes, I have deduced that the designer shoe picks at the festival are phenomenal, even off the red carpets. Leave it to the Euros to bring a truly next-level shoe game. I can't speak for this year's crop of films, but I can say with certainty that these designer shoes are all going to be huge hits, if they're not already.

1 / 8


When in France, wear a French-sounding brand. Here's Freida Pinto, leaving her hotel on the way to a photo call in a pair of sparkly Louis et Cie sandals. The Louis et Cie brand is owned by the Camuto Group. (Yes, Camuto as in Vince Camuto.) They own a shocking amount of department store brands you love.

2 / 8


Brazilian supermodel Izabel Goulart was also spotted leaving her hotel in a gorgeous pair of stately FendiMetallic Sandals. I can't stop staring at those gold foil heels.

3 / 8


Here's British model Jourdan Dunn strutting down the Croisette in a pair of attractive neutral leatherIsabel Marant Jaeryn Sandals. If you're already irritated by the number of models ambling around Cannes for no real reason, this isn't going to get any better for you.

4 / 8


But who could ever be irritated by Karlie Kloss? Karlie was snapped returning to the Hotel Martinez after a party in a pair of unusual Kurt Geiger Mayfair Pumps, which look like a leather ballerina flat popped atop a modest heel. This KG style seems to be brand new, and is not yet available online.

5 / 8


Here's Karolina Kurkova, ambling around Cannes in a pair of black Chanel Lace-Up Espadrilles. Chanel espadrilles have been a popular summer shoe for A-listers for some time, but I'm not sure how I feel about these silky sneaker-espadrille hybrids. What's your take?

6 / 8


FINALLY: a real-life French actress attending a French film festival. Marion Cotillard wore these eye-popping Mulberry Platform Python Pumps to a photo call for her movie It's Only the End of the World. And with a DENIM dress, no less! Magnifique.

7 / 8


Here's Spanish actress Rossy de Palma, doing an impressive leg pop for photographers at a photo call in a spiked, multicolored pair of Gucci sandals. I love these, but I feel this style is really more of a Louboutin, you know, spiritually.

8 / 8


Salma Hayek wore these floral toile Gucci sandals with a matching Gucci dress while out on the town with her husband Francois-Henri Pinault. Salma doesn't seem to have a film to promote this year, but she attended the CFF to speak about her industry experience during the festival's "Women in Motion" panel.

Surprising Exactly No One, Celebs Wore a Ton of Designer Shoes While Out and About at Cannes

Chanel: The Business Of Harmonisation

Much has been said about Chanel’s recent move towards harmonising their prices worldwide, starting with their 3 most iconic of bags, the 11.12 (Classic Flap), the 2.55and the Boy Chanel, which I already reported here on 17 March.

And while many are still confused about what this really means to us (I know I was), this post hopes to sort it all out. For starters, why did Chanel do what they did? Officially, there are 3 reasons.

Firstly, and I think most importantly, it is to offer us more closely-aligned prices, which also means that in time to come, it won’t matter where in the world we buy our Chanel from because the difference would almost be negligible. Having everything sold at almost the same prices means you’ll no longer need to travel far and wide for the same bag you can get in say, Singapore.

Secondly, this move will also see all 190 boutiques worldwide being able to provide a better level of service, as opposed to situations where it’s like a bus terminal at their Rue Cambon boutique in Paris (trust me, I’ve experienced it many times) to virtually empty boutiques in some countries across Asia. It’s logical too. Spreading out the customers more evenly also means a less-hassled customer who’s now able to enjoy the entire experience even better.

Last, but not least, Chanel will be better able to fight against the ever-growing parallel market/resellers that are present in all countries where it’s more expensive to buy Chanel than in Europe. The truth is this. It doesn’t make a difference to Chanel where you buy the bag from, because at the end of the day, it’s still sales. The difference is, because you bought it from a parallel reseller, Chanel isn’t able to provide the after-sales service in case anything does go wrong, which ultimately ruins the experience for the customer to begin with. What’s even worse? The high possibility of being sold a counterfeit bag, because you can never be 100% sure.

But what does that mean for us in Singapore as far as the prices are concerned? Well, here goes. As far as the 3 iconic bags go, we’re looking at roughly a 12% decrease. What used to be SGD7550 for the 11.12 and the 2.55, for example, is now SGD6660. The Boy Chanel? Previously priced at SGD6580, it now retails for SGD5820. Effective now, you can stroll into Chanel boutiques at Ngee Ann City and Marina Bay Sands to purchase these bags at the new prices.

According to the South China Morning Post, prices in Hong Kong have decreased almost 20%, with a small Boy Chanel now retailing for HKD29,700 instead ofHKD37,000, while BoF reported that a standard 2.55 now costs RMB29,800 in Shanghai.

What about prices in Europe, you ask? Well, I have it on good authority that prices there are still the same and there will be no upward adjustment till 8 April 2015. Which also means if you are planning a trip to Europe anytime soon, this is your last chance before prices go up there.

Down in Asia. Up in Europe. I know it’s a bit confusing now, but it’s for the better in the long run as far as we the customers are concerned.

Chanel: The Business Of Harmonisation

Real vs Replica: Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bag Comparison

While a lot of people out there want a luxurious Louis Vuitton monogram canvas bag, many can't afford it. That's why so many fashion-hungry ladies turn to replica handbags as a way of satisfying their craving for luxury without breaking the bank. But do replica monogram canvas bags stand up to the real thing? After all, the real monogrammed canvas bags manufactured in France by Louis Vuitton are informed by over a century of sage-like fashion wisdom, tried-and-true craftsmanship, and super-high-end materials. On the other hand, replicas are produced much more cheaply, usually in China. But is there really that big of a difference?

Not all Monogram Canvas Bags are Created Equal


The main difference between a real Louis Vuitton handbag and one produced in China is that the authentic Parisian bag is going to be top-notched every time. On the other hand, not all replicas are of extremely high quality. Certain manufacturers of replica handbags will produce products that actually resemble the real deal to a tee, whereas others will sell you a monogrammed canvas bag that pales in comparison to a true, authentic Louis Vuitton handbag. If you can find a replica store that is reliable in its quality, then it's your decision as to whether or not you want to save some money and opt for a convincing fake bag over the genuine article.

Be Careful what you Shop for

When shopping for a Louis Vuitton monogram canvas bag, it's important to remember that Louis Vuitton doesn't authorize anyone to sell their bags online. That means if you're buying from anywhere else other than directly from the French fashion house, you're likely getting a replica—not the real thing. Whether you want a replica or the real thing, it's important to know that you're not being deceived by online sellers. That's why eBay is never a good idea for shopping for handbags. If you want a replica, you should by a bag advertised as replica. If you want a genuine LV monogram canvas bag, you should only buy it directly from Louis Vuitton.

Real vs Replica: Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bag Comparison


The Italian luxurious fashion house Prada is bringing its most beautiful Cahier bag to tinseltown. Sturdy, elegant and charming, this newest bag from Prada feels like owning a real treasure box thanks to its box-like appearance.

With the perfect combination of leather and bronze hardware, this bag will definitely be a hit in your wardrobe. Pair it with your dress, jeans, plain shirts, sneakers and even your killer stilettos, you can pretty much mix and match it with anything under the sun.

Made from genuine calf leather, this Prada creation is even made more beautiful with its leather shoulder strap embellished with bronze studs. The studs added more edge and appeal to it. Aside from its contemporary bag allure, it also features the signature Prada lettering logo in bronze, a lace closure on the front and two inside compartments and two inside pockets, including one with flap for organized storage.

You can also choose from its wide range of colors: black, chalk + black, red + black, and billiard green + black thus making it more difficult which one to choose.

It measures 20 x 14.5 x 7 (L x H x W) cm and is priced $2660 or 2400 euro via Prada boutiques.


Christian Louboutin Highness Tina 160mm Suede Boots Black are sexy and beautiful for winter

We acquire that a brace of nice top heels will become the must-have items for every admirable woman. Recently, cheap louboutin shoes became so popular. There are a lot of fashionable boyish bodies amazing by the top actualization architectonics and authentic top quality. Wearing one brace of abatement louboutin shoes will achieve you added ablaze in any occasion.
Christian Louboutin Highness Tina 160mm Suede Boots Black
This Christian Louboutin Highness Tina 160mm Suede Boots Black is bogus of burnished with a heel that measures about 160mm/6 inches and a 60mm/2 inches platform. It has a babble toe,intricate beautification and sparkling ablaze detailing,signature red sole.

These Christian Louboutin Boots are ridiculously admirable and beautiful. The altogether abounding embellishments on the top play an important role to be delicate. Christian Louboutin Highness Tina 160mm Suede Boots Black are sexy and beautiful for winter

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