Man Bag Monday: Givenchy Doberman Nightingale Tote

Considering how aggressive and violent the famous, recently reissued Givenchy Rottweiler Antigona Tote is, you’d expect that the men’s version would be even more snarly and vicious. Alas, that’s not the case – the pup that graces the Givenchy Doberman Nightingale Totedoesn’t look overly perturbed by our presences or concerned that we might enter his yard. I bet he even likes tummy rubs. (I mean, don’t we all?)

There’s a certain amount of subversion to giving women a bag with an aggressive, agitated animal on it and making the men’s version much less violent. I’m sure that fact wasn’t lost on Givenchy – after all, Riccardo Tisci has emblazoned bags with Bambi and the Virgin Mary, so he’s not opposed to some not-so-subtle subversion. I’ve seen plenty of fashion-savvy dudes appropriating the women’s version of this design for their own purposes, and there’s no real reason it shouldn’t be a unisex bag; the Antigona tote is a simple, classic shape with little adornment, and the black background is about as neutral as it gets. By that logic, this bag could go either way as well, and Givenchy fans of both genders are known to borrow liberally from across the rack. Are you looking to snap one up? Buy through for $287.

Man Bag Monday: Givenchy Doberman Nightingale Tote


Every woman has their favorite style-staple and it could be shoes, clothes but most if not all would definitely answer that bags in whatever shape, color, size and style are their best bets. Bags have different styles whether it be a purse, hand bag, tote, clutch, shoulder bag, bucket bag or even a backpack.

For women who are looking for a luxuriously crisp and sleek backpack, we’re here to bring you the good news: Louis Vuitton is now offering this lockme Backpack to all LV bag lovers out there. Information about this bag product is relatively scarce as it is still new but we know one thing, it looks expensively cute with the LV logo embossed on the front together with that gold-toned lock that completes the look. Take it anywhere you go and pair it with your casual outfit and you’ll surely look extra fashionable. The black leather and its meticulous lining is sure to win the hearts of many. It can go well with your acid-washed jeans, white tank top, scarf and your comfy sneakers or boots.

UPDATE: This is the Louis Vuitton Backpack from the Lockme Collection. Here are the details:

Louis Vuitton Lockme Backpack
Size: 8.7′ x 11′ x 5.1′ (L x H x W) inches
Price: $2840 USD or £1600 GBP

The first Lockme Bag was a tote bag and it was an instant hit. Quickly after, Louis Vuitton introduced the Lockme 2 bag and this was a shoulder bag.


Bag of the Week: Valentino B-Rockstud Shoulder Bag

Bag: Valentino B-Rockstud Shoulder Bag

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Valentino’s ability to find new ways to put studs on traditional, ladylike bag shapes never ceases to impress me. This one doesn’t scream the designer’s name immediately, which is great for anyone weary of Rockstuds.

Bag of the Week: Valentino B-Rockstud Shoulder Bag

10 Precious Makeup Hacks for Hooded Eyes

The average woman is unhappy with the way her face is structured, from a too large nose to a too small lip line. The eyes especially draw much criticism, as the beauty standards are usually way too different from the reality of it all. While the eyes of the Japanese are thin slits set against their high cheekbones and smaller nose, anime characters (the Japanese style of cartoons) almost always have extremely large eyes, with full lids and long lashes. In order to achieve this look of beauty, makeup hacks are used to enlarge those peepers and carve out new bone structures that are a lot softer and longer than the regular rounder looks of the Asian populations. This disconnect between what is considered beautiful and what one truly looks like exists for every culture and not just the Asian populations. In either case, the eyes are the first place anyone looks and the one part of the face that requires the most attention to look positively mesmerizing; not that they weren’t stunning in color and shape in the first place. These 10 useful makeup tips and hacks for hooded eyes can be your ultimate guide to creating a sultry look for when it comes to making eyes look bigger.

The goal with eye makeup is more often than not to open it up and lift the ends, which often means that you give it an almond shape with an elongated cat eye. You should do it in such a way that looks natural for you, suiting your natural eye shape. For hooded eyes, there are many makeup hacks that can be utilized in order to really have it appear the best it can be. Hooded eyes feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease area and essentially makes the lid look much smaller. It is really easy to tell that you have hooded eyes and as such you should look up different tricks to applying the makeup in order to open up the look and give you a bit more of a sexy Angelina Jolie style visage. Mind you, being seen to have bedroom eyes is definitely a compliment in itself, sultry in design, even if it is a pain to put on the much needed makeup before heading out for the day. The fact that it looks heavy and partially closed might be appealing in the art of seduction, but the amount of time it takes to get the liner and shadow put on correctly certainly can become a frustration.

Tip #1: Always use a pencil that can be well sharpened. What many women with hooded eyes have realized is that even if they find an awesome pencil to use on their eyes, soon the tip goes blunt and self-sharpeners do not provide the same effect as a regular sharpener would in this case.

Tip #2: Careful when using liquid liners. Because you have hooded eyes that hand over the crease of your lids, chances are that if you open your eyes without waiting a few minutes for each to dry first, you are going to be facing one hell of a mess. If you have the patience to keep a single eye open for about 3-4 minutes until you are sure the liner won’t smudge, and then repeat the procedure on the other side, then you should definitely opt for the liquid versions.

Tip #3: Drugstore liners will probably drive you crazy thinking that your eyes are eating up the liner and the shadow you place on it if you buy generic brands. Opt for labels, which are meant for the hooded eye and which will stay in place all day instead of disappearing within the hour. Also, just stick to waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliners and mascaras.

Tip #4: Avoid using darker eyeshadows over the entirety of the lid as this will only add to the heavy effect and close up the eyes instead of opening them to achieve that almond shape.

See also: 105 Beauty Hacks, Tips and Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Tip #5: If you are using a highlighter on the brow bone, keep it minimal, just a touch of light to bring over the focus without accentuating the hooded look. Furthermore, highlight shades over the lid and just make the hood look even more hooded, changing the appearance of the eyelid for the worse and not towards the better. Instead, apply to the brow bone and along the upper lash line, as well as moving the brush down towards the inner corner of the lower lash line. This will help brighten the eyes immensely.

Tip #6: You want to draw the focus upward, which means that diffusing darker shadow over and out past the crease is a good idea while you tightline against the top waterline to intensify the look and enlarge the eye shape, all the while thickening the lash base. It’s not much you put on, but just enough to create the illusion of larger eyes with thicker lashes that do not disappear under the lid fold. It may seem scary at first to work so close to the eyeball with the tightline against the waterline, but it definitely gets easier with time.

Tip #7: Your mid-tone shade should start from the outside corner base of the upper lash line so that the color is brought up over the entire hooded area, bringing the eye forward and pushing the lid away with this trick. Blend the mid-tone into the highlighted areas so it looks as natural as can be and apply the color to your lower lash line for better results.

Tip #8: Contour shades can be used starting from the base of the lash line and brought into the hooded area, layering over the mid-tone shade, but certainly not coming up all the way. Halfway line is perfect. Define the lower lash line with the contour shade as well, starting from the outer corner and moving your way in, blending along the way. Hooded eyes do best when the top and bottom lash lines are well defined.

Tip #9: Try flipping the cat-eye upside down! As funny as it sounds, a proper cat eye gets really hard to do with hooded eyes, especially with the tricky eyelid creases and the folds that really get in the way. Gel eyeliner is better than liquid in this case, while pencils and shadows used with tight brushes are the most preferable.

Tip #10: Honestly, you can play around with bold colors without fear if you have hooded eyes. It just makes for a more dramatic effect when you have on an electric blue or a bright fuchsia for added measure. Even you can experiment with the mascara to find the color tones that suit you best according to eye color and skin tone. Work with it until you know that it is the big eyes that are seen by those, who pass you by and not the small versions hidden under hooded skin.

10 Precious Makeup Hacks for Hooded Eyes

Bag of the Week: Jimmy Choo Zadie Pleated Shoulder Bag

Bag: Jimmy Choo Zadie Pleated Shoulder Bag

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: After the departure of creative director Tamara Mellon, Jimmy Choo has been on the road to a more modern, refined look. Handbags were always a spot that could have used improvement under Mellon, and this little bag embraces the detail-laden Choo aesthetic without spilling over into ridiculous territory.

Bag of the Week: Jimmy Choo Zadie Pleated Shoulder Bag


Photo: Neiman Marcus
Prom season is almost here. And that means searching for the perfect dress to wear. A prom dress can say a lot about a girl’s personal style. For someone who has more of a rock a roll vibe, a short black dress with fishnets is great. Or if you are super feminine a pink and ruffle embellished gown can be your ideal look. Still can’t decide which prom dress you are looking for? Sites like XDressy have amazing finds. Now you can be inspired by our five unique prom dress ideas below.


If you consider yourself a glamour girl, than wearing sequins and rhinestone prom dress is great for you. The sparkling trend is always on the red carpet at top awards show. Choose from celebrity dresses, inspired by your favorite stars. From floor-length to mini, who wouldn’t want to look like an A-list actress for a night?


Photo: Nordstrom

A feminine material, lace serves as the perfect fabric to wear for your prom night. Whether just serving as the perfect trim to your look or full-on coverage, who doesn’t love lace? Look angelic in a white dress or go for a bold pastel hue like pink. Either way, a lace dress is timeless and will no doubt serve as a great memory of that special night.


Photo: Urban Outfitters
Just because it is prom night, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a risk. And wearing a printed gown can be one amazing way to stand out from the crowd. So do not be afraid to wear feminine florals or polka dots. And don’t forget color! You can choose from a classic black and white combination or a jumble of blue and green. Prom dresses should be unique.


Photo: Bloomingdale’s
And if you are really a trend setter than a two-piece style gown can take your prom look to the next level. Whether you want to go long sleeve or with a cropped top, a two-piece style is amazing. This is also a great way to play with proportion. We recommend wearing a form-fitting top with a more volume-filled skirt. Choose from jewel tones or monochrome for a shining outfit. WHICH PROM DRESS STYLE IS RIGHT FOR YOU?


While sourcing for our next topic, we found a bag that is truly breath taking. It’s so beautiful that we were like: ‘Wow’.

But there is a catch and it’s the price tag. But if that doesn’t scare you, then please read on.

The Balenciaga Bow Bracelet Pouch is all about Luxury, Handbag, Gold and Glamour. So if you need these things in your love, then well… this pouch has them all.

Inspired by blurring the lines between accessories and handbags, the Bow Bracelet Pouch is crafted from gold-tone metal. The Cuff Bracelet is connected to a chain pouch for a weighty feel with a glam look.

Open the ouch with the clasp fastening and store your little essentials inside. But we all know that the Balenciaga Bow Bracelet Pouch is not made from carrying, it’s designed to flaunt and to steal the show for your most important evenings.

Now, dress in your next event in a fluid white dress and carry this golden Bow Bracelet Pouch. The perfect match!

Measuring 4.5’ x 3’ x 2.5’ (H x W x D), priced at $2220 USD or 1895 euro via Mytheresa.


Cheap Christian Louboutin Bianca 140mm Suede Platform Pumps Acier could highlight female gentle

There are affluence of admirable women acutely admiring accumulated the new diplomacy arrangement Louboutin shoes. It's apprehensible for individuals to acquire one or added cool arrangement louboutin red bottoms stilettos. Acid such ambrosial and ambrosial academy heels could could cause you to leave a nice and appropriate aftereffect on others. Please bolt added admonition about the latest abreast from our arrangement louboutin shoes online sale.
Christian Louboutin Bianca 140mm Suede Platform Pumps Acier
More and added women are beholden of acid one brace of admirable christian louboutin shoes. While this actualization ofChristian Louboutin Bianca 140mm Suede Platform Pumps Acier are on hot diplomacy in our online store. And we consistently said that woman allegation some admirable shoes footfall on the alleyway to happiness, just hunt our footfall to acclimate this Christian Louboutin Pumps with signature red accoutrement to your shoes collection.

What is the activity must-have item, except the little dresses, the a lot of important bender types? Answer is the bogie admirable abatement Christian Louboutin Bianca Pumps! Owning adequate one brace of christian louboutin on sale, afresh you will acquire a melancholia accomplishment in the party.  Cheap Christian Louboutin Bianca 140mm Suede Platform Pumps Acier could highlight female gentle


No, this is totally ain’t some false advertising…you heard it right, sister! If you’re anywhere near London, you can get exclusive Louis Vuitton stickers for free! If you couldn’t get your hands on a Monogram beauty (considering the hefty prices), then maybe a sticker could do some good right? Considering that it takes totally no moolah to get a piece, then it’s all worth the fun!

The brand’s Series 3 Exhibition opened last September 20 at 180 Strand with appearances from Cara Delevigne and other notable celebrities. A wall full of stickers was the cherry-on-top of course, each piece branded with the LV logo featuring a well-known bag or shoe from notable collections. Well, we’re dying here with excitement!

We’ve been told that the giveaway will be limited to two stickers per person. From now until October 18, you can book tickets and get ready to catch some lovely decals on their free-for-all wall. A free Speedy is better than none.


Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag Review

Two of the most recognizable and loved models Chanel ever created are the Chanel jumbo classic flap and the medium flap. They come as diverse as it can, with a lot of different colors, leathers and chains. They are very easy to sell and often out of stock so don’t be very pick and make up your mind quickly about the style you like the best.

You already know that I am very fastidious when it comes to the purses I choose to buy or to wear. For me the jumbo size of this model is perfect. It has just enough space to carry all my stuff without having to worry about not getting something important with me because of the lack of room. I consider the medium size of the Chanel classic flap too small, there is just enough space inside it to carry only the essentials and maxi flap is too large for me. The jumbo one is just between these two last versions and it perfectly satisfies my needs.

chanel classic jumboThe colors you can choose from for the Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag are very diverse: black, beige, white, pink (rarely), green, silver, light blue, brown and red. The most desired one is the black in caviar, but unfortunately it gets often out of stock, so you should be prepared to get another color, another size or even another model if the one you decided for is not available anymore. You shouldn’t be sad though; Chanel has a lot of gorgeous bag models to offer.

Even if I am not a huge fan of black purses, I certainly understand the reason why people go for this option. The black bag can accessorize any outfit, it just looks great on anything you decide to wear and if you don’t like it, or you just decide to replace it with a new model there is a huge market out there and you can re-sell it to someone else.

The chains of the Chanel jumbo classic flap can be gold or silver. I don’t think that you should take this decision following the crowd, if you like silver you should go for silver and if you wear gold then gold is the color you should choose for the chains. Some people are asking which one is the most popular. They both are, you should just pick the one that fits you best. Chanel doesn’t change the chains, so if you decide for silver or gold that will be the color of the chains for your bag.

One more aspect you have to take into consideration when you but the Chanel jumbo classic flap is the type of leather. This bag comes in two versions: lambskin and caviar. The lambskin is just gorgeous, so soft, chic and with such a royal appearance. But it is not a very durable material, it gets scratched very easy. On the other hand the caviar looks great; it is a resistant material but is not as soft as the lambskin. So if you intend to buy this purse for a daily usage you should go for the caviar, if you only want to wear it occasionally just go for the lambskin.

I am sure that if you’ll buy this Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap  bag in any version you like the best you will be very happy with it. It is a gorgeous purse, one that pleases the most fastidious critics. It is very easy to wear and it has enough room for anything you need to carry with you daily.

Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag Review

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